Sedentary Lifestyle

Waking up at 8 and then rushing to your work without proper healthy breakfast. Once at work, you stay put on your chair for long hours and are in a frenzy with activity. You binge on some fast food for lunch and evening snacks and of course many cups of tea. There is a party in the office for which you are invited and you drink a bit and nibble on the snacks. Reach home, change and sit in front of the TV watching the news. Have dinner and sleep. Does this describe a typical working day for you? If yes, you are living a sedentary lifestyle. Couch potato is what the person who indulges in sedentary lifestyle is called. Not a nice name, isn’t it?

Being more active physically

A lifestyle which involves no or very little physical activities is called sedentary lifestyle. So take charge of your lifestyle to make a few tweaks in it so that you are no longer the couch potato you once used to be. Can’t think how to involve physical activity? Well, for starters, you could play with your kids or help your wife in the house. You think that’s too much to ask after a long, tiring work day? Well, you might be sapped more so because of all the fatty snacks that you have had during the day. You could switch from fatty, unhealthy food options to something tasty and nutritious like fruit chat. Eating fruit will not only make you full but will also perk up your energy level. Another thing that you could change will be drinking tea and alcoholic beverages. Though, the two are fine when indulged in moderation once they cross the moderate limit it ceases to benefit and causes harm to your health. Instead, you could choose various other options to quench your thirst like a seasonal fruit juice, sugarcane juice, milkshakes, lemon juice, or plain water. Drinking one glass of water could also increase your energy level. Most of the time when you are feeling like binging on something it could be your body’s signal of asking for water. So before indulging drink a glass of water to ascertain whether the need to have snack was more because of thirst.

You might think we have gone far from our topic of increasing activity to eating habits, but I would like to assure you that we are right on track. I say this, because in order to increase activity you must feel more charged up and need to have energy and you can get this energy only by proper food. Another change which you could make is increasing your physical activity during the day. For example, you could take the stairs instead of taking the lift, or you could go to the canteen and have your lunch or snack, or you could make it a point to move after every hour of continuous sitting in a chair just a little stretching so that your body gets little movements.

Change your sedentary life today as an active life is the key to longevity of life! So to live longer be active.

Tips related to business etiquette


The less productivity in business is usually due to not following the basic business ethics. Rude, careless and unprofessional attitude would definitely be very dangerous for your business future. This unprofessionalism can also go out and affect your prospective and current customers are well who are associated with your business for a long time. Having good business knowledge and business skills is one thing and dealing with all your stakeholders of business is another thing. The following is a list of some of the top business etiquette which can be really beneficial and productive for any sort of your business:

  • Everyone has a role

    – In business, all employees working for the organization have a definite role and they have to prove their worth and their productivity at the end of the day. All employees in the hierarchy of any sort of business are interrelated and work from one employee affects the performance or productivity of the other person, no matter what position he is having in the organization.

  • Making meetings useful

    – Whenever there is a business meeting, the top manager or the CEO should have an agenda and objectives for the meeting. Make sure that you have something tangible or productive when you leave the meeting room. There should be a productive output, which should lay the foundation for the next meeting.

  • Prompt Communication

    – In business of all types, communication is important no matter you are dealing directly with a customer or some employee in your organization. If somebody in the organization has attempted to communicate with you by any means, then try to reply promptly without delaying.

  • Respecting other people time

    – Make sure that you don’t waste time either of any of your colleague or customer. Having long useless chats with your colleagues can be really fatal for your business. The meal break should be the only time when you could communicate with your peers casually or just the way you want.

  • Email usage

    – make sure that all your emails are written in a professional way. Don’t use any slangs or shorthand words to save time. Give equal importance to all the punctuation, spellings and the grammar used in your email.

  • Dressing

    – Your dressing at your workplace reflects your professionalism and attitude towards your job. Make sure that you are never casual if your job demands so. Try to be extra neat and clean if you have to deal directly with the customers.

  • Keeping your boss informed

    – It is your duty that your boss should be informed about all sorts of activities in which you are a part. There is no need to update about the routine tasks, but your boss should be informed if something happens outside the daily routine. Never try to cover any wrong person just because he is your friend as it can damage your reputation and can also affect the productivity of the business. Integrity and credibility are two main attributes which every employee should possess.

Some useful online business ideas to make good money from home


Online business is always a great idea with great future prospects. Millions of people are already associated with a range of online businesses from all over the world. Some are working part time and some work full time as well. The best advantage of working online is that you work from the comfort of your home and sometimes make a lot of money which otherwise you couldn’t have made if working outside. Further, working online full-time also make a lot of savings for you as you do not need to spend on travelling and you also save money by not eating out.

The following is a list of some of the top online business ideas:

  • Start an eCommerce store –

    eCommerce online business is a great idea and it doesn’t require too much of investment either. You can open a basic eCommerce store with just $500 and can sell your products and services online through your store. For marketing of your business, you need to invest more on SEO techniques, print media advertisements, PPC, Event Sponsorship and several other techniques as well.

  • Become a blogger

    – Blogging is a great online idea and you can set up your own domain with as less as $20. The rest is your hard work that how you make your blog productive. If you are looking to hire professionals to make your blog run successfully, then it will of course ask for a lot more investment.

  • Sell on eBay

    – A lot of people find selling on eBay as a very productive and easy business. There is no kind of investment involved. You can purchase and sell different items by waiting for the right time, when you think that a certain product will give you good profit.

  • Train and Mentor

    – If you have some specific skills which you can think you can sell on the internet by training or mentoring others, then sky is the limit really. There are so many online agencies which can hire your services to train and mentor different people worldwide. You can also start this on your own independently, but for that you have to do a lot of hard work in terms of your internet marketing to reach the far and wide online audiences to trade with you.

  • Becoming a virtual assistant

    – There are a lot of people online who are looking for virtual assistants to take some of their work load. The major responsibilities of a virtual assistant usually include answering emails, data entry or any other job which the virtual assistant can do online. You might also be asked to do some web writing stuff or doing a blogger job on behalf of your client.

  • Building websites

    – Nearly all the businesses today are looking to go online and for that matter they need to design a website. If you have the web development skills then you can make huge amount of money doing this online job.

Iphone 6 First Day Expression

So you are excited for the new iPhone 6 with all the new features and a larger screen that doesn’t even fit your hand. Then you hear some bad news related to it. Which makes your heart sink a little? Somebody’s worst nightmare about his/her new iPhone got a little bent in his/her tight jeans pocket. And now you can see that thing with your eyes because you are too afraid. Well, this had happened to only 9 Apple’s customer right now. But let us see what Apple had to say about this.

After a huge controversy over the new Apple iPhone 6 of its bending problem, Apple responded to it by saying that the problem is extremely rare and only occurs when a user handle it roughly. Apple claimed that only nine out of all the sets sold had this problem and they are sure that they will not be hearing this kind of problem again.Till now there are no new complains but certainly a number of trolls and internet had made it quite a large issue.

Apple also said that the iphone and its larger sibling are made to go under a rigorous durability test which they claim to be perfect for daily use. You can see people purposely trying to bend their iPhone of which Apple can do anything. The company had sold more than 10 million units within three days and certainly an Apple’s number.

The Apple iPhone 6 plus is bigger and have 5.5 inch screen. After reading this, the first thing that comes in our mind is about the battery life. Certainly it will be having a less battery backup but still its and iPhone which when taken out of pocket and held in out hand makes us the king. People who have bought the plus version are complaining about people branding iPhone 6 as “phablet” because it is big, phone+tablet. The iphone 6 plus have burry apps even after Apple optimized them as a part of it. Apple had to change a glitch in the new iOS after several complaints by the customers.

If you want to buy the latest iPhone and update your luxurious life style by a perfect PDA then you should wait a little more for the iPhone. After some time Apple will fix all the design flaws and all the OS flaws that are encountered in between the time period. And after that manufacturing the new batch of iPhone 6. This batch will be the most bugs fixed batch and having the hardware flaws fixed. If your pocket has enough room for it then go for the big one otherwise the 4.7 inch one is also masterpiece in itself from a well reputed cell manufacturing company Apple.